High Value Residency




Jersey, situated in the Bay of St Malo 14 miles from the coast of France, is an independent, low tax jurisdiction, rated as one of the top offshore finance centres in the world.

A beautiful island setting with stunning beaches, coast and countryside, a high standard of education and quality health care, Jersey is also evolving to meet global business needs.  It is a thriving international business centre with a stable, friendly, commercial environment, excellent air and sea connections to the UK and beyond and diverse styles of property to choose from.

Broadlands offers a service that is second to none for those individuals looking for their perfect home in Jersey.  We provide a meet and greet service enabling a full overview of the Island and it’s attributes with introductions to local professionals and schools at the top level. We feel it is important to build a trusting relationship between both applicants and vendors with discretion and confidentiality, an absolute must.

Broadlands offers over 45 years of experience in property sales and lettings and are completely independent. Our main goal is to ensure all parties are dealt with expediently, honestly, with integrity and understanding.

For the full red carpet treatment please call our Chief Executive Roger Trower roger@broadlandsjersey.com  in the first instance.




Applications to relocate to Jersey as a High Value Resident (HVR) are open to individuals whose worldwide income comfortably and sustainably exceeds £725,000 per annum. The current tiered rate of tax on personal, worldwide income is;

·        20% on the first £725,000 * (currently equivalent to £145,000)

·        1% on all income over £725,000

·        20% on income derived from Jersey property

There is no corporate tax for non-financial services businesses but corporate tax for finance firms is set at 10%.  Goods and Services tax is 5% and Jersey has no Inheritance tax or Capital Gains tax.

For more information on moving to Jersey as a high value resident please contact:

Kevin Lemasney, Director of High Value Residency

T:   +44 (0)7797 783457

E:  k.lemasney@gov.je

W:  www.locatejersey.com

* Every five years, commencing 2023, consideration will be given to increasing the prescribed limit of income that a HVR must have, or be deemed to have, received. At that point the amount may be increased to ensure that the expected income tax paid keeps pace with inflation in Jersey.