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Top 10 ways homeowners sabotage the sale of their home

This may even happen subconsciously. I am of a mind that no vendor goes out of their way to potentially scupper the sale or marketing of their property.

However, certain decisions which may seem frivolous can have a big impact to the sale of your property. Below are a few that I have seen:

1. Overpricing your home

Don’t let your home sit on the market for months and become stale. Most buyers are represented by an agent who will protect them from bidding on a home that is not likely to survey well because of an inflated price. Even if you do find a buyer that is willing to overpay, the lender will send a surveyor to check on their behalf and it will likely not make it past that point. Unless the buyer is paying cash they will not be able to obtain a mortgage at the inflated price. It is important to look closely at recently sold properties with your agent and put your home on the market at fair market value. Please see my blog post HERE that explains how negotiators should value your home.

2. Refusing to put any money or elbow grease into make necessary repairs prior to the sale

The worst thing you can do is give the impression that your home is not well maintained. Buyers will wonder what else is wrong with the property that they can’t see. There is a huge difference between home maintenance and improvements that will improve the equity of your home. Even if a buyer will overlook some of the repairs, they will be more likely to look for a reduction in price after the survey has been carried out. Put your best foot forward and get your home ready for the market. It will pay off in a higher sales price and faster sale.

3. Not staging/dressing your home for photos

It is extremely important to use outstanding photos of your home. It still amazes me how many dark or blurry photos with bad angles are out there on the internet. Today’s buyers shop on the internet and this is how they eliminate properties. If you don’t get a buyer to enter your home you are not selling it! Be sure you de-clutter and stage your home before the photographer arrives!

4. Being present at the time of viewings

Being home at the time of showing makes life uncomfortable for the buyers. Resist the urge to give a home tour and show off all the special features you think increase the value of your home. Let the agent do their job and let the buyers talk openly about any objections they may have. If they can work through the objections they are closer to making an offer. Buyers need to visualize themselves living there. Don’t stake claim to the property by being home. For a purchaser there is nothing more unnerving to feel like they are being pressured when they should be relaxed.

5. Not disclosing problems to the buyers

Trust is huge! If you have issues with your property you must disclose the problems. Don’t set yourself up for liability. Make all the necessary home repairs prior to putting your home on the market and get your home ready for a smooth sale! If you do not do this then the issues you are trying to hide will come up in the survey.

6. Neglecting the exterior

There is nothing like a garden in front of the home to help with curb appeal but don’t neglect the rear of the property as well! I have seen so many properties where items are stored behind porches and garages. It is an eyesore and will hurt the sale. Trim dead branches, put down some fresh mulch, install some annuals. Having an inviting rear to the property with a patio and garden to relax on is very important. Learn how to prepare your entire garden to prepare your home to sell. Outdoor living spaces to entertain in warm months can really add to the sale price.

7. Thinking all your clutter and personal belongings can be overlooked

Get your belongings in boxes and out of the home before it goes on the market. Buyers need to visualize themselves living in the home. I have seen so many buyers looking at books, pictures and belongings instead of the home! Everyone has different things and clean areas where the buyers can visualise where their belongings will go is a must.

8. Don’t take the negotiation process personally

You want to sell, they want to buy. It is a simple business transaction. Don’t get caught up in a “who is winning” game. I have seen too many property deals almost fall apart over small issues that have been blown out of proportion. Be reasonable and leave the emotion out of it.

9. Making viewings difficult

Having your home always clean and ready for viewings can be difficult with people’s busy schedules. It is very important that you accommodate viewings and make it as easy as possible for the agent to gain access. Most buyers see more than one home when they are out with the agent. If you don’t allow a viewing they may decide on another property without even considering yours.

10. Leaving pets home at time of viewings

Always remove your pets when there is a viewing. Many people are afraid of dogs and allergic to cats. Entering a home where a dog is barking can be dangerous not to mention how stressful it is for pets as well. No matter how friendly the homeowner says they are, it is not worth the risk. I have had people refuse to enter a property because they are terrified of dogs.

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