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Simple tips for a great open viewing

Open viewings are a very easy and quick way of generating a lot of footfall and finding a purchaser. These simple tips will give your property the best first impression.

No scent is the best scent

Common perception is to have the smells of fresh coffee or baking bread however the best smell is pretty much nothing at all. Fresh and clean will make people feel at home and give a very good impression.

No clutter

I cannot stress this enough. If you clean your property and show the house in the best possible way then you are far more likely to have a positive open viewing.

Tidy the cupboards

People who come to an open viewing will look in the cupboards. Storage space is important so make sure your cupboards are tidy so that people can see the space available.

No pets (or evidence of pets)

This especially applies if you have dogs. Make sure they are out of the house and the tell tale smell is gone. Cats tend to get out of people’s way but it is still best to make sure they are out as well.

No owners

Please don’t hang around your property if it is being open viewed. Even if you are sat in a car around the corner. Potential purchasers like to talk about the property while they are walking around and if an emotionally invested owner is there they may be put off.

Attractive entryways

Make sure your driveway/entrance hall is nice and tidy. It sets the tone for the rest of the house and can really make a difference.

Close the toilet lids

Please just do it

Light & bright

Try to ensure that there is as much natural light coming into the property. Make sure the timing for the open viewing is when the light is best for your property  and try not to turn the lights on.

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