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Staging your house to sell

We asked Senior Interior Designer Emily Musker from Waddington Interiors for her 5 top tips on how to stage your house so it’s ready to sell.

De-Clutter & De-Personalise

Arguably the most important factor in selling a home, as a buyer needs to be able to envision themselves living in your property, and the lifestyle it offers. People often find this difficult, so allow them to see the fantastic living space you’re offering them by de-personalising the rooms and making it easy for them to imagine their own belongings in the property.

Rooms will look bigger and brighter once they have been de-cluttered, so pack away your collectables, magazines, children’s toys and family photos, and replace with a few generic neutral styling items (see tip number 5).

Fix Up & Clean

This may sound like an obvious one, but make sure your home is in good working order. Finish the minor DIY jobs that are yet to be completed, and fix anything that may be broken – remember that buyers will open cupboards, turn on taps and look under furniture, so don’t leave anything unfinished.

Engage with professional cleaners for a deep clean. Ensure work surfaces are sparkling, light fittings are dust free and insides of cupboards are clean. And don’t underestimate a tidy garden to complement the home!

Neutral, Neutral, Neutral

Regardless of your personal preference, it is a fact that neutral spaces appeal to the most amount of people. Neutral spaces provide the easiest backdrop for the future homeowner to personalise, which means less work for them once they move in – an appealing factor to any potential purchaser. Plus, a neutral palette will make the space feel larger, brighter and will emphasise room size or key features like a view.

Room Layouts

Displaying your rooms correctly is fundamental. Try to lay rooms out to their intended use – for example if you’re using one of the bedrooms as a store room or an office, consider swapping out your furniture and laying it out as a bedroom to maximise its potential.

Ensure your furniture is well sized and the right proportions for the room – oversized furniture will make the rooms feel smaller and will crowd the space. If your home has views, make sure your furniture is laid out to best show this off – for example, face sofas towards the windows rather than the television. Consider adding a wall mirror to any smaller spaces, and feature lighting to create atmosphere.

The Finishing Touches

A flower arrangement, bowl of fresh fruit and new cushions go a long way to make your home look more attractive to a potential purchaser. So stage the dining table, plump the cushions and style your accessories to maximise their first impression.

When staging, remember to group objects, usually in odd numbers, and mix object type, scale and texture. Include plants (consider faux if you travel or don’t have green fingers!) to make the rooms feel fresh and alive, and show a buyer that your home is lived-in and has been loved.

Style coffee tables using trays for your coasters, television remote and other styling objects, and console tables with lamps, vases and candles.

Don’t forget to engage the other senses – add diffusers or scented candles to the key rooms to help create an ambiance and mood. Try to pair the smells with the room types, for example lighter & fresher smelling scents for the living room and something more aromatic for bedrooms. However, remember scent is very subjective, so make sure they don’t overpower the room or you may risk putting off a buyer.

Don’t forget you are partly selling a lifestyle, not just a property.

Finally, if you are struggling to stage your home yourself, consider engaging professional help. Waddington Interiors offer a staging service, where they can help style your home either with your existing items or sourcing new.

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Emily is a Senior Interior Designer at Waddington Interiors and specialises in high-end residential design. Contact:

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